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Businesses Love NetSuite

Over 29,000 customers have adopted NetSuite as a mission critical cloud solution. Get to know a few of them: 

Salem AlBatati IT Director, Richy Group

"Having the versatility of an all encompassing ERP solution like NetSuite’s was much better than running separate systems; and it can do pretty much anything."

Sean Cwynar, President, Action Health

"We were running with blinders on. If we had stayed the same any longer, we would have become obsolete. After implementing NetSuite, it made difficult decisions really easy for us. NetSuite was the change agent that made our transformation possible."

Frank Stuhlmüller CFO, FELS Group GmbH

"As an integrated application, NetSuite is ideally suited for startups with a clear growth path. It maps all relevant business processes and can be easily customised. Its ease of use and scalability are further benefits for young companies."

Rein Droog VP IT, Bugaboo

"NetSuite is helping the internal process transformation. It’s helping the different departments to do things smarter. And it’s helping us to be much more data-driven with greater visibility."

Mike Quill

Director, Ampion

NetSuite couldn’t be any more different to what we used before—it’s completely turned things around. We’ve never had this level of visibility and control before.

Deliciously Ella

“NetSuite is going to grow with the business brilliantly. The bigger we get, the more we draw on NetSuite’s capabilities to deliver top-quality, accurate and timely reporting.”

Jason Ross CIO, GetBusy

"Without NetSuite, we would not have been able to function properly. Our old ERP system was on-premises, and things weren’t connected. Information didn’t flow in the same way as it does now."

Phil Negri, CFO, Action Health

"We have seen a 20% improvement to employee productivity from WMS Lite and the related process changes. We have also had an 85% improvement to our inventory accuracy measured by change in our average error rate of cycle counts which was around 3.5%, and it’s now down to 0.5%. "

Clearly, NetSuite is the world's #1 ERP for a reason. Take the next step in the evolution of your business--speak with Meyer today! 

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