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NetSuite completely changes the way you do business.

But do you really need change?

Simple answer: Yes.  If you're forced to operate with starter software like QuickBooks or an outdated, On-Premise ERP, your system is almost certainly holding you back.

  • You can't see real-time data across your organization 

  • Manual processes are creating errors

  • Inaccurate data is preventing informed decision-making

  • You’re spending too much time managing spreadsheets

  • Customizations are getting complicated

  • Audits pose real concerns

  • Billing processes affect your forecasts and cash flow

  • Reports take hours (or days) to pull

NetSuite solves all that, and more. Affordably.

It's the World's #1 Business Management Software For a Reason
NetSuite is a single, integrated suite of applications that runs your entire business—and allows for growth your current system cannot provide—as it significantly cuts costs. 

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93% of surveyed organizations significantly increased visibility & control over their business since switching to NetSuite from their aging business software. 
  • Spreadsheets are Eliminated

  • Departments are Integrated

  • Data is Accurate & Visible in Real Time

  • Productivity Increases, Costs Drop

  • NetSuite Effortlessly Scales as Business Expands

And it's all much more cost-effective than most think. 

Nearly 30,000 companies have transitioned to NetSuite Cloud ERP because it provides the vital data needed for growth—and visibility you simply can't achieve with QuickBooks, on-premise ERP, or other spreadsheet-reliant systems.

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"We Were Running With Blinders On. If we had stayed the same any longer, we would have become obsolete.


We were blown away by the data made apparent after implementing NetSuite.

It made difficult decisions really easy for us. We would not have transformed, or even survived, if we hadn't switched to NetSuite."

Sean Cwynar, President, Action Health

Is NetSuite Right For Your Business?

Let's find out.

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Meyer will answer all your questions about licensing, pricing, implementation & more.

We've been managing ERP projects for 27 years. Allow us to guide the process for you, beginning with your questions. 

Thank you. We will reply shortly!

Meyer Is Trusted By

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Choosing NetSuite is Step #1.

It's the world's #1 business management software. But NetSuite does not provide implementation or ongoing support.
Step #2 is Meyer's jobSince 1995, we've managed the entire ERP process for companies, including:
  1. Pricing
  2. Licensing
  3. Implementation
  4. Upgrades
  5. Ongoing Support
  6. Compliance
Everything your business needs to streamline processes, increase revenue, and intelligently evolve.


NetSuite saves us time and allows us to focus on running the business, and that has helped us increase our turnover—our revenues—by 95%.

-2Pure UK Ltd.

Finally a company with both the breadth and depth of expertise within the Oracle arena​. I highly recommend Meyer.

-Mehmet Sengulem,
Managing Director, UHY Advisors NY, Inc.

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NetSuite is an end-to-end accounting & inventory solution. But it's much more than that!

NetSuite enables cash flow and revenue management, automatic quote-to-order fulfillment and integrated planning and budgeting. It goes beyond basic bookkeeping and includes functionality that can reduce the need for additional headcount.

Additionally, NetSuite offers an entire suite of business solutions beyond accounting to increase operational efficiency throughout the business: CRM, ecommerce, HR management software (HRMS), professional services automation and more.

Meyer has been transforming businesses since the mid-1990's.


Our worldwide team of ERP experts offers truly hands-on, personalized implementation & support for organizations of all sizes, in any industry. We've been a leader in the ERP space for many years, and as the industry has evolved, so have we.

NetSuite supports businesses at every stage of growth

NetSuite’s built for the cloud & requires no added IT infrastructure.

NetSuite offers a unified platform that provides real-time data, customizable fields and role-based dashboards

Let's begin with a conversation.

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Free Downloads
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A brief 2-page introduction to NetSuite.
PDF COVER - 5 Steps Improving Fin n Acct.png
Five Steps to improving efficiency in Finance & Accounting.
PDF COVER - NetSuite for Manufacturing.png
How manufacturers move beyond static data to the freedom of real-time, "at-your-fingers" data.
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