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NetSuite. It's the world's #1 cloud ERP for a reason. It's:





NetSuite affordably transforms businesses of all sizes by:
  • Providing Accurate, Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips
  • Seamlessly Integrating Disparate Departments & Processes
  • Reducing Operating Costs, Including Headcount
  • Freeing Up Valuable Time & Resources

NetSuite makes the world's most popular business management software, and Meyer manages everything else in the process for you--as we've done since 1995--Licensing, Pricing, Implementation, Support & more.
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Relying on old, on-premise ERP software or an antiquated system of spreadsheets and software, like Quickbooks, is the definition of inefficient. The manual, inaccurate processes waste time, money & opportunity. Over 30,000 organizations worldwide now leverage NetSuite Cloud ERP to affordably transform operations.

With a single, integrated suite of applications for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain and warehouse operations, NetSuite gives companies, both small & large, clear visibility into their data and tighter control over their businesses. 


Choosing who implements & supports your ERP is just as important.

NetSuite makes the software. Meyer does the rest!

10 NetSuite customers explain how it changed the way they do businesses:

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"The company could have handled the growth without an ERP system, but we would have been forced to hire a lot more people."

Ian Larkin
Controller, CentralReach

Businesses Who've Upgraded To NetSuite:

“One of our biggest pain points is we’d run three different sales reports and they’d tell us three different things. With NetSuite that's gone, now we have confidence in what we’re seeing, and we can rely on the information.”

- Steve Dobe, Head of I.T., Everhard Industries 

“NetSuite has drawn us together as a company, instead of the silos that we used to have, we now have a common language with NetSuite." 

- Kristen Kapsner, Kurz Industrial Solutions 

“Without NetSuite, it’s fair to say, we’d be out of business by now.”

- Simon Talbot, Managing Director, P3 Medical 

“With NetSuite now I can go to one dashboard and actually see all my numbers in one place, and things that used to take months to get, that I hoped was the right information, is now consolidated.”

- Dan Granger, CEO, Oxford Road 

“Whether it’s inventory levels, or price levels, all of the information is there, and it’s accurate in real time, so it allows us to make decisions on the go – we can focus on the sales and growth of our business.”

- Jane Lewis, Co-Owner, Two Birds Brewing 

“If you’re looking to scale, you don’t want to be held back because your back office system doesn’t do something you need. Whatever the requirement is, NetSuite can grow with that requirement.”

- Jon Kurtz, Co-founder, Dog Is Good 

I trust NetSuite because they have everything we need, and the customer service is unbeatable. NetSuite held our hand through the entire process, they make it really easy for us. It’s one thing to start your company, but to get it to that next level, you have to have NetSuite." 

- Kristin Cavallari, Owner, Uncommon James 

“It’s good to know we have a partner in NetSuite, not just a platform, but a partner who can grow with us.”

- Craig Dubitsky, Founder, Hello Products 

“Since implementing NetSuite we’ve more than doubled revenue. It’s helped us continue to grow aggressively by providing a single source of truth across the organization.” - Mark Fitzgerald, COO, POS Supply Solutions 

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Your Return On Investment

The idea of implementing a new system may seem overwhelming. But data and statistics show virtually all companies exceeding and even surpassing implementation efficiency expectations. The power of NetSuite ERP is undeniable.

  • A 2020 report found that 93% of organizations report their ERP projects as successful with lower costs and increased productivity

  • The top three benefits businesses said they gained from an ERP system are reduced process time, increased collaboration and a centralized data system

Imagine how your business will thrive with increased visibility, lower costs & increased productivity.


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You have questions.  
Allow us to address all your questions about cost, ROI, timeframe, support and more.  Meyer has been transforming businesses since the mid-1990's. Let's find out together if NetSuite is right for you. 

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