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Introducing Mey Cloud Explorer

The First Tool to Connect All Cloud Databases!

Enjoy direct database access to enterprise SaaS environments. Finally.

  • Oracle Cloud

  • AAWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Salesforce​

  • MS Database Applications



What is it?

Mey Cloud Explorer (MCE) is a tool for customers deployed on Saas environments. It provides organizations with database access to enterprise SaaS environments using SQL. We created it to help you unlock and restore your relationship with relational databases at the foundation of vendor managed SaaS applications. Using this innovative, lightweight and effective client tool, organizations can finally take back SQL functionality, boost productivity plus restore data and DevOps functionality.


How does it work?
Mey Cloud Explorer functions as a feature rich and lightweight desktop client, that enables clients to issue SQL queries to SaaS Cloud environments via API. 



Why Meyer developed MCE?

We introduced the Mey Cloud Explorer platform to fill the void of delivered SaaS solutions that don't support direct data analysis, development and productivity requirements. 


Many organizations are finding themselves separated from mission critical data elements, as a byproduct of migrating to private cloud computing environments. Although the shift-to-cloud presents tremendous organizational value, this separation will unfortunately impact DevOps, data analysis, and erode mission-critical knowledge of organizational driven data elements. 

Lack of insight into SaaS data elements presents multiple issues; one being, the difficulty understanding how SaaS platforms structure and organize underlying data models. 

Access to data helps clarify the behavior, relationship and functionality of SaaS Web/GUI elements. This, in turn, promotes accuracy with development lifecycles supporting organizational business requirements. 

IT'S A FACT. 79% of US tech companies are using the cloud to manage their data and applications, and this figure is expected to increase significantly. With this shift in technology, it's critical to restore SQL functionality and free your cloud computing environments.


Who uses Mey Cloud Explorer?

A.  Software Developers, Data Analysts, Functional Business Analysts: MCE provides this group with SQL access to manage critical business processes and operations. It restores the ability to perform data analysis directly, including export to flat file for enhanced reporting and analysis.   

B.  Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Developers: With MCE, these professionals regain data analysis for actionable insights. It allows them to identify data and analytics issues in core dataset, and identify data quality issues for improvement.

C.  Database Administrators, System Admins/Engineers: MCE allows them to monitor for any potential data related structural issues, analyze system tables, and view critical database metrics not previously possible.  

Taking Notes on Financial Report

For nearly three decades the team at Meyer has provided in-depth Oracle ERP system implementations and managed services. Our teams pride themselves on partnering with each client in the planning, implementation and key installs of required software to facilitate modernization to new ERP systems built around NetSuite, PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud. 


We're very proud to bring you Mey Cloud Explorer to help you unlock and restore your relationship with relational databases at the foundation of vendor managed SaaS applications. 

The Meyer Senior Team

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