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What else is MEYER up to?

  What will they think of next?

Play Book - Data Capture Analyze 

The Playbook is a dynamic way to view all aspects of your PeopleSoft Modules. The playbook provides requisition metrics that help bring about business solutions by keeping up to date statuses of current issues and identifying areas that need improvement.  By viewing the most important metric graphics within each module, the MEYER Playbook helps you get more out of your system by giving you a point in time data capture of your business. 

Easi© - Mobile Inventory Application

The Easi mobile inventory application was developed by Meyer, LLC to efficiently count Par Locations and communicate directly with the PeopleSoft Application.  The functionality includes the ability to search for Par Locations, quickly search or scan items, and enter the count at the specific location – while communicating in real time with the PeopleSoft system.  Version 1.0 includes the Par Location with future plans to deliver Bar Code scanning for Receiving, Delivery Tracking, Express Issue from Inventory, and Cycle Counting.

PeopleSoft Educational Videos

MEYER PeopleSoft Educational Videos were developed to help the frustrated and empower the enduser.  Easy to understand videos that explain some of the basic PeopleSoft software functionality.   

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