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One Of The Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

It’s a Good News, Bad News Thing.

The good news is that your organization is growing. Well done! The bad news is that eventually you’ll outgrow the systems you rely on for your financial and business management. Once you do, you’ll be operating inefficiently--your bottom line will suffer.

Proactively, you'll consider implementing new ERP software to manage all your key business processes in a single system.

If you’ve already begun your research, you know NetSuite is the #1 ERP system in the world. That says a lot. But you need more. So, NetSuite’s #1, and nearly 30,000 organizations worldwide choose NetSuite to streamline their business processes. But why, specifically, should you consider NetSuite?

Your Decision

About once every 10 years, organizations face this strategic decision with major implications for operational effectiveness. Technology and solution development moves apace. No wonder it is difficult to choose from the wide variety of options. Cloud technology has revolutionized the availability and power of solutions. A few vendors have developed totally new systems that maximize the advantages, whilst traditional vendors are investing in converting existing software to partial or full cloud. Either way, it is clear that cloud solutions are the future, no matter what size or type of organization.

NetSuite is going to grow with the business brilliantly. The bigger we get, the more we draw on NetSuite’s capabilities to deliver top-quality, accurate and timely reporting.” -Deliciously Ella

What to Consider to Find the Right Solution

  1. You are entering a long-term partnership. Is the vendor an organization that is going to adapt to the changes of the needs of your organization over the next 10 years?

  2. The technology needs to be part of the future, not the past. Many solutions are adaptations of previous products. Cloud is the future so you need to find out if the solution was designed for cloud.

  3. The solution needs to meet your business needs. These constantly evolve, so you need a solution that adapts to change and is customizable to meet your specific needs. Users expect it to be easy to use and look for dashboards and workflow processes that enhance the user experience.

  4. It needs to be affordable and fast to implement. Does the cost of the solution vary with the size of your organization? Are costly upgrades required? What is the implementation process, period and costs?

  5. It needs to connect to other systems. Has it proven its capability in integrating with other core systems? Are there third-party apps available that enhance the solution to widen functionality?

Why Choose NetSuite?

  1. NetSuite combines innovation and experience in cloud ERP, as part of Oracle, it is a stable global business. It provides world class standards and expertise while investing heavily in development to enhance the customer experience and broaden functionality.

  2. NetSuite was designed as a cloud-based tool to ‘run a business’. From conception, NetSuite was cloud-based and focused on helping organizations to grow and become more effective.

  3. NetSuite is highly scalable. Hosted on the highest quality and most up-to-date and secure infrastructure, the solution can easily cope with the largest of global organizations.

  4. NetSuite is highly customizable and user friendly. Uniquely designed to allow customization— it offers best-in-class business processes. Powerful features such as workflow, search, drill-down reporting and role-specific dashboards all add to a great user experience.

  5. NetSuite has a proven record of integrating with a wide range of other solutions. Through partnerships, there are a wide range of apps available that provide integrated solutions for specific needs.

  6. NetSuite provides free updates and is fast to implement. Updates are issued twice a year— at no costs and minimal inconvenience. The unique ‘NetSuite’ process ensures a speedy and high quality implementation.

Over 29,000 customers have adopted this mission critical cloud solution. Here’s what they say about why you should join them: Rein Droog VP IT, Bugaboo “NetSuite is helping the internal process transformation. It’s helping the different departments to do things smarter. And it’s helping us to be much more data-driven with greater visibility.”

Salem AlBatati IT Director, Richy Group “Having the versatility of an allencompassing ERP solution like NetSuite’s was much better than running separate systems; and it can do pretty much anything.”

Frank Stuhlmüller Chief Financial Officer, FELS Group GmbH “As an integrated application, NetSuite is ideally suited for startups with a clear growth path. It maps all relevant business processes and can be easily customised. Its ease of use and scalability are further benefits for young companies.”

Jason Ross CIO, GetBusy “Without NetSuite, we would not have been able to function properly. Our old ERP system was on-premises, and things weren’t connected. Information didn’t flow in the same way as it does now.”


Take the next step in the evolution of your business--speak with Meyer today to learn more about NetSuite! We've been a leader in the ERP space for nearly three decades. Let us help you intelligently, and affordably, streamline your business.

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