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What is New in PeopleSoft 9.2

9.2 is really focused on the enduser experience. The enhancement of a tile driven, more fluid user Interface leads a user to interact with the necessary business functions without the need for education. By making it more intuitive and reducing the amount of clicks it takes to do things through the actionable items, 9.2 helps users to be more effective , allowing the work force to take advantage of the subsystem and easily transact with it. It is functionally robust and cost effective to manage. The completeness, cost effective and simplicity of the system focuses heavily on performance time and labor.It has new concepts that streamline business processes by using new interactive and navigational concepts through activity guide, train stops, related actions and embedded help.9.2 creates greater focus on primary daily job functions and less need for training and help desk inquiry. Increase productivity is created by utilizing new capabilities and functionality through work centers that enable power users to focus better by combining transactions and analytics in one single place by having all the data they need related to that work center. Upgrading to 9.2 means lowering cost of ownership by eliminating costly customizations and allowing more configurable options as part of the system. 9.2 is about new concepts that help to enable or simplify, allowing the user to more intuitively move through the application and complete their business process.

There are over a thousand enhancements across the entire suite including Human Capital Management, Financials, Procurement and Supply Chain management, Project and Asset LifeCycle Management, Enterprise Performance management, Customer Relationship Management, Campus Solutions.These industry specific capabilities reduce the need for customization and to end business processes. (or is this end to end business processes?) By reducing testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework, Staying current with PeopleSoft Update Manager, managing changes with the Data Migration Workbench, Managing environments with Oracle Virtualization and using Oracle cloud services, organizations are lowering the total cost of ownership by usability. Being able to link to the data for performance reviews and allowing managers easy access to employees career and development data while completing evaluations gives managers a better assessment of the work employees have done. Theenhancements of improved usability, including improved searches, enhanced integration and best practice functionality within Talent Management is a significant upgrade that will impact specifics to your organization and PeopleSoft footprint. Reviewing these changes will help you better determine the best possible roadmap for your business.

In 9.2, you are rewarded with the following :

Embedded help assists in explaining how to complete a specific task or transaction. Now, viewing help happens directly from the page the user is transacting on.Embedded Help appears in a modal window that can be moved around the page. This embedded help can also be modified to give help to your businesses specific processes as you see fit. Another usability feature of 9.2 are the configurable announcements and notifications that can be sent to numerous or single recipients that show up on the home page of the recipients once activated.

The newly enhanced WorkCenter allows users to complete all of the work that is needed for a transaction based on their role with a streamlined user interface that reduces the need for navigation. By consolidating all information into one location users are allowed to see all actionable and transact data with less navigation thus preventing distracting interruptions.The WorkCenter allows you to view transactions throughout the entire process giving you a complete picture view.

Forms and Approval Builder is another configurable tool that will allow users to consolidate data in one single location and allows administrators to create forms and specify approval processes that are required to be preformed. With The ability to audit forms this new tool also helps to eliminate paper processing and documentation and can also be used to facilitate email based approvals.

Another feature that people have been looking forward to with 9.2 is the iOS Certification which gives users the ability to use tablet devices to support PeopleSoft from an iPad or iPhone giving you the added ability to use dash boards and work centers and access to PeopleSoft application content right from your mobile device. With the new mobile Applications you have the ability to approve, push back or deny pending transactions directly from the mobile device as well as view attachments and also add comments to transactions if desired.

Also delivered with the featured packs from 9.1 and now enhanced by new pageletts and features is the Manager Dashboard. From this dashboard you have the ability to determine what pageletts a person wants to see, from embedded analytics to viewing direct reports and alerts. Viewing data in this manner streamlines users transaction speeds.

Recruiting with Candidate Gateway enhancements is a module specific enhancement that lets you configure your career site to be brand specific.This enhancement enables a guided application process which gives the user a visual representation of the application process that ultimately increases applicants completion rates.The 9.2 Candidate Gateway enhancements also include updated interface for online job offers and the ability to upload associated documents, new search enhancements as well as an added apply button for each job opening and improved notifications.The new Candidate Gateway enhancements provide improved password security were applicants can provide first and last name and required email, helping you to search through the system for that applicant at a different time which can be useful if you want to determine if the applicant has been there in the past. No more lost credentials.

The Talent Acquisition Manager has overall look and feel enhancements with a redesigned recruiting dashboard that utilizes pagelets to print data to the recruitment staff and hiring managers.It also has the added ability to link to an interview calendar. The system now provides 4 pivot grids related to recruiting.There is a job opening and close trend chart, job opening aging analysis, in process applicants chart and time to fill chart.These analytics help the hiring managers and recruiting staff to get a feel for how the process is going. Providing a unified view of all recruiting activity; helping to support and plan for your business.Other usabilitie enhancements include a refined cloning process for job openings that takes the tediousness out of creating the job opening.

In the human resources and compensation area 9.2 makes use of Smart HR, formally referred to as SmartHire or template-based hire.This enhancement extends the functionality of SmartHire or template-based hire by leveraging templates for any personal, job, or profile transaction in the system allowing multiple data types to be consolidated into a single template. Additional pivot grids within HR enhance headcount reporting and are accessible via direct line reports pagelets as well as through the traditional menus navigation.

A variety of new search functionality changes related to profile managent have been implemented. Now managers can compare profiles with a new scoring algorithm for search match results. Also direct reporting relationships are included in the index build process providing no need for additional process to maintain the profile indexes.Within the profiles you have the ability to allow custom properties to be added to templates.

Moving into the Compensation Cycles part of eComp Manager Desktop functionality, PeopleSoft has added configurable options to determine exception handling for mid cycle job changes as well as supporting changes to salary, currency and HR status as well as providing configurable alerts to notify cycle participants of mid cycle changes.Users have the ability to make cycle changes or handle job changes after a cycle has been opened or processed as well as giving them the ability to define how those changes should be handled allowing cycles to be extended.

The most delivered pivot grids are the Compensation Pivot Grids with Salary Analysis that provides looks at comparing compensation by position, location and department. Compensation Distribution provides current employee salary information by range relative to minimum, maximum and midpoint.To compare performance rating there is the Salary Increase by performance grid that depicts average proposed salary increases in percentages that are given to employees by performance rating. They help to analyze the risk of a leaving employee as well as how their increases in salary is compared to their performance throughout the year.An enhancement to the Compensation Pivot Grids also includes Cycle Guideline Alerts and Cycle tracking. Compensation Self-Service has a streamlined ad hoc salary change process and a reformatted compensation history statement and chart.Showing where the employee falls within their salary range.

PeopleSoft 9.2 helps track skills, competencies and accomplishments. Some of the ePerformance enhancements include the Performance Review WorkCenter that combines WorkCenters and Activity Guide. This provides users with the ability to preform mid cycle reviews. The new enhancements show steps and tasks that need to be completed. The Performance Review WorkCenter helps managers to complete a transition for their employees and track their progress thought the year.Employee and manager comments as well as the integration of Outlook provides an open dialogue about performance and performance goals with the added ability to send emails and attachments to the system . This ePerformance enhancement enables the information from emails to be turned into performance documents. eBenefits Life Events has A new guided process for Life Events across multiple modules. As well as a configurable welcome page, document uploading process, preliminary summary page to view updates, life event rules to configurable new events and a life event cloning tool. With respect to the Benefits Analytics Oracle has provided Health benefit enrollment statistics . The main enhancement to Absence Management is outlook integration, enabling employees to submit their absence request directly from Outlook.Time and Labor enhancements include intuitive usability, strengthened Self Service Experience and Comprehensive Capabilities. Some of the new features of Time and Labor are the WorkCenter, configurable pagelets, time and labor tab application and reports using Pivot Grid and BI Publisher and HR notifications.

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