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What is PeopleSoft and Who is MEYER?

Companies were initially sold PeopleSoft as an innovative and effective way to purchase product and account for it. PeopleSoft caters to it’s users with an integrated ERP software package. ERP is business management process software that allows large organizations to use a system of integrated applications to manage their business and automated services. These service software applications, called modules, include those for material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, product planning, accounting and marketing.

PeopleSoft is an application that allows users to execute programs that perform high-volume, background processing of data while also serving in the daily execution of these various business operations. PeopleSoft applications can also be used by human resource departments to help manage customer relationship management, human resource management systems, supply chain management along with enterprise performance management and financial data. This ability to consolidate these various elements allows companies to connect various business processes to enable better data sharing and ultimately create a savings of time and money.

Holistic views of these modules (business areas) was a breakthrough in business communications and business processes in the early 90’s. Since then a great deal of what business is and how it is performed has changed. Today, without proper analysis of the tables and database, data between modules has become monotonous and manual with it getting stuck along the way. Touted as a be all-do all automated business system PeopleSoft is a system that if not configured correctly can become quirky over time; nothing like the streamlined automated software package that was initially purchased.

Meyer Support provides analytics of the interface and support tables as well as management and financial analytics of the system. Our support along with continuous improvement helps clients take advantage of PeopleSoft as if it was newly launched. Meyer consulting is a full service PeopleSoft ERP consulting firm that provides in-depth PeopleSoft consulting and support.

We know PeopleSoft. We are PeopleSoft specific.

MEYER manages complex business needs though support of ERP PEOPLESOFT systems. We specialize in meeting support objectives with the ability to predict and forecast; orders, procedures, invoices and cash flow. Our services support PeopleSoft implementation, PeopleSoft upgrades and PeopleSoft compliance. We suggest and implement key installs of required software to facilitate modernization to New PeopleSoft systems. MEYER specializes in the transfer of old data from old platforms into new ones and also trains the employees (users) to plan for the day you flip the switch to the new platform. Our system design and configuration is based on high level technical expertise in the PeopleSoft specialization of financials, supply chain and human resources.

By focusing on the four key areas of service; Implementation, Support, Upgrades and Compliance, MEYER is able to provide the highest level of partnership support for it’s clients and help them to realize the ROI they were promised when initially purchasing the software. When business processes change within the software/system we customize your business process with customized process optimization giving you a competitive edge.

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